From the lead to order to purchase to payment: Gestix ERP with CRM


Define the budget for the company



Minimize stock/storage of goods.

Sales Routine:

Capture the lead (manage it, follow it up, and so on up to the quote/cost estimate phase)

Send the quote or cost estimate

Follow up the customer (call him, take note of any comments, gather team to discuss negotiation, and so on.)

Get the order

Purchasing Routine:

Estimate the replenishment needs

Place the purchase order to the supplier/vendor (PO)

On reception of the goods:

Receive the goods from the vendor (validate against the PO)

Deliver to customers

On collection from customers

On payment to suppliers, commissioners, payroll

Conclusion. The preliminary study of the activities of the company is focused in identifying critical factors and providing training guidelines for an efficient coverage of the various activities of the business.


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