News about the new release, Gestix 5.1.03

The new release of Gestix software, version 5.1.03, has several new features and improvements to dozens of others. These enhancements further enrich the new Gestix 2014 editions, being immediately available depending on the product. Older editions also benefit from correcting problems and some improvements in this version.

Enable searching documents from dashboard by series, number, reference, etc

Faster Consistency Check function

Improved signed documents checker function

Faster operation through optimized user session management

Enable the user to choose which print layout to use on purchase orders

Hierarchical selection of budget lines and billing purchases

in batch printing menu is now possible to print the original, the duplicated or the triplicated of the document each one independently.

Product traceability: RMA serial numbers were available for new sales

When there is a receipt without a previous document when testing the saft file shows a warning similar to:

2. Payments [RCB 5] Related Document not available in text line with amount
4. Payments [RCB 5] Total amount must be positive


New Gestix logos

Editable Cost Estimates even after being printed

Project costing report corrected regarding delivery memos and bills of works

Monthly contract billing on specific day of the month

Planned for release on 2014-08-05.

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