Yosemite: avoid installing beta software if you use your Mac in your business…

Installing beta software can damage production systems. Yosemite is perhaps too beta for trying it up on your own personal computer.

Gestix Software Blog

Updating the operating system on computers running as Gestix servers can cause problems to the Gestix system, which depends on MySQL and on Mac OS-X’s built-in webserver (usually Apache) to operate correctly.

Most important, make sure you have a fresh backup copy made at Gestix Admin menu, just in case you have to install Gestix from scratch.

You may have to install the last version of MySQL compatible with the version of the operating system. Check the MySQL site for information about any issue you may find.
When MySQL is working correctly and in the same conditions as before (same users/passwords) then reinstall Gestix – instructions in http://gestix.com/go/software-update.
Check details about the Mac OS-X version you are dealing with. Check if the built-in Apache webserver support has changed and configure it manually reproducing the previous configuration:
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi Alias /gnet "/var/lib/gestix/www" <Directory "/var/lib/gestix/www"> Options None AllowOverride None Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory> #ScriptAlias…

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