Invoice: display the amount in customer’s own currency

In this example, our billing is in EUR (Euros) but want to display the amount in GBP (Great Britain Pounds) in the invoice to certain customers.

First, add the GBP currency onto the database and specify the exchange rates (Currencies menu).

Currencies menu: Defining currencies and exchange rates

Currencies menu: Defining currencies and exchange rates

Then, in the Customers menu, edit those customers that want the amount in GBP shown on their invoices.


Customers | Modify Customer - defining customer's preferred currency

Customers | Modify Customer – defining customer’s preferred currency

Finally, check the Admin | Settings menu to ensure that the Display Counter Value in Base Currency option is enabled.

Admin / Settings

Admin / Settings

When Display Counter Value in Base Currency is enabled, if the customer’s preferred currency is GBP and the invoice is in EUR (the base currency), the amount in GBP will be printed in the invoice. If the invoice is in GBP, the amount in EUR will be printed instead.

Invoice in base currency (EUR), customer’s preferred currency is GBP

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.44.01 PM

Invoice in GBP, base currency EUR, don’t care customer’s preferred currency

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.43.43 PM

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Gestix on Mac OS X Yosemite – download this kickstarter to facilitate launching MySQL and Apache when needed

This tiny application has been created with Automator and can be inspected to see the applescript program inside it:

on run
    do shell script "/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe > /dev/null 2>&1 &" with administrator privileges
    do shell script "apachectl restart > /dev/null 2>&1" with administrator privileges
end run

The script will try to launch MySQL by calling mysqld_safe directly, thus without the need to have the StartupItems / System Preferences components installed.

Then it will try restarting apache as well, by invoking apachectl restart.

Download link:

Open the application, it will prompt for the computer’s password.Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.47.42 PM

Then it tries launching both services and displays a confirmation message that enables  sending your feedback directly to the supporting team.


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.48.23 PM





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How to enter a partial payment with Gestix ERP

With the Gestix ERP you can easilly issue a payment receipt for part of an invoice.

Here we go through the steps to process a customer payment, from the Invoicing menu, whereas a similar procedure would be performed for processing payments made to suppliers from the Purchasing menu.

Entering payments and partial payments with Gestix ERP

Open the Invoicing menu and click Receipt, New.




Here we’re clicking the Search button to choose the customer from a pop-up list.




Then we click the button labeled Document to select the invoices being paid, then we click over Select All to add those invoices to the receipt.




Since the customer is paying the amount of GBP 446,52 and the selected invoices total is greater than this, we want to edit the amount paid for, say, the last of the three invoices. Click the little pencil button labeled Edit at the left hand side of the line.





Now let’s enter the correct amount and click the little button labeled Save next to the Paid Amt field.




Click the Save button at the top of the document, and it’s ready to print or send by email.

For more information please check the Gestix website at

How to upgrade your Gestix Download to the latest edition

To add features to your Gestix ERP you can buy the Gestix product/edition that best suits your needs and upgrade your old license.

As soon as you get the new Gestix’ license serial number in your purchase invoice, proceed as follows to upgrade your Gestix:

Open the Admin | Licensing menu and click the Upgrade button that is shown below the list of features.


Enter the Upgrade Code included in the delivery instructions that are sent by email along with the invoice PDF.


Then enter the License Serial Number.


Click Continue to complete the upgrading process. Gestix will then show the list of features of the new edition. Press Back to return to the main menu and check all the new features.


More information:

How to start MySQL from the Mac OS-X Yosemite Terminal

Symptom: Gestix is working before the computer is shut down however. Once the computer is restarted, Gestix stops with the following message.

Gestix complains about the database system

Gestix complains about the database system

(It seems there is a problem with the database server. 
If the program was just working and you don’t know why this is happening, try reloading the page in a couple minutes. If the problem persists ask your system’s administrator attention to the problem.)

Although the MySQL Startup item seems to no longer work on OS-X 10.10, it’s possible to start it from the command line.

1. Open Finder | Applications | Utilities | Terminal

2. Paste this command and press Enter

sudo /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server start

3. Close the Terminal application.

If the problem persists there may be need for a remote technical intervention to the server by MySQL system specialists. Order technical support here.

Order processing: dealing with product assemblies

In some situations it can be handy to sell a set of items as an assembly instead of as discrete items. For example, a set including one table and six chairs would be defined as a unique product, having two items as its components: 1 x table and 6 x chair. In Gestix this is accomplished by defining the article type as a Kit/Package.

The price of the Kit/Package will be the sum of the components prices times their quantities. That prices can be predefined or left blank to make them being calculated at the order level and eventually select each item’s price from price list preferences for the involved customer or vendor.


Advantages compared to articles type Manufactured as Product:

  • Save operator time, inserting the kit/package into an order is similar to entering each and all of the components
  • Enable items to be sold both individually and as components of one or more aggregating items
  • Enable components to follow special price rules when used as part of a special product.

To add a new item as a kit/package proceed as follows.

Open the Articles menu, tap New Article.

Set manufactured as Kit/Package to define an assembly

Set Manufactured as Kit/Package.


Enter description, and optional bar codes, prices and other relevant info.


Press Save.


Notice the link New Product Model – tap it to edit the item list. Open it and add the items to be included.


(In Gestix version 5.1.4 a small issue prevents the software from displaying the correct items list. Instead of using the Articles button, enter the exact item code to include the components from stock. This problem will be fixed in the next release of the software.)


Unit prices can be defined in template or later on entering orders. Add each one of the components, editing unit prices or leaving them blank (zero) to assume order level pricing.


In this case the product model defines the prices to be used in this assembly.

Now, using this assembly item on a new order.


Select our article from the list, and say we selling 3 sets, so enter 3 in the quantity field instead of 1.


Notice that the component quantities were multiplied by three because we said we were selling 3 sets.

In version 5.1.4, if the user edits lines of the components just after adding them to the order, they can get later be displayed in a different order. To circumvent this issue, save the order as Draft and then Modify it before editing lines involving the Kit/Package components. A fix will be released soon.

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Can’t remember my Gestix password – how to recover it?

If you are using Gestix Cloud or Gestix SaaS, over the Internet, then you just have to contact the technical support by email and make your request (

Recover password on a Gestix Download installation.

Since the software is installed on your computer, the recovery has to be performed from the operating system command line.

Open Finder / Applications / Terminal and issue the following command:

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u gestix gnet_db --execute="Insert into sys_users (usr_name,usr_code,usr_pw,usr_disabled,usr_priv) VALUES ('temporario','temporario','[ana[',0,1);"

Then enter in Gestix using the following information:

Login: temporario
Password: civic

Then you should go to the Admin | Users menu and change your password. Delete the temporario user account when done.

For personal support from our engineers please check our help desk service