Gestix 5.5.3 changes log

Release History (up to date)

Changes log and improvements made over time indicating the software version in which it occurred.

Highlight for POS – Touch a Sale with all the functionality for Touch or Mouse, tablet, etc.

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Gestix 5.5.3 ERP+CRM

  • Return memo obtained the value of the customer’s price list and not the value of the source document [5.5.3]
  • Search Article in several series in the menu Purchasing / Billing, etc. [5.5.3]
  • Do not allow delete invoiced contracts unless closed [5.5.3]
  • Show balance in SAF-T menu vs Invoicing Fiscal Report Listing [5.5.3]
  • Make PL / GT from order * without closing (* Proposal / Quote, Estimate) [5.5.3]
  • Enable saving Order as a draft document [5.5.3]
  • Picking list no prices – check Shipping & Handling amount is hidden as well [5.5.3]
  • AT ID / Código AT print in same font as the Shipping details [5.5.3]
  • Generation of ATM references and other means of electronic payment [5.5.3]
  • Assign Tax Exemption Reason automatically on Document Import (add option) [5.5.3]
  • Automatic Billing Per Document with 0% VAT assuming pre-defined reason [5.5.3]
  • Simplified invoice up to 100 euros or 1000 in case of Retailer / V. Ambulante [5.5.3]
  • Invoice in foreign currency: always include countervalue Base Currency [5.5.3]
  • Contract billing – pending invoice – Calculate Due Date accordingly [5.5.3]
  • Order of Proposta/Quote respect Seller and Project [5.5.3]
  • The link to the invoice receipt in the document status window would open the invoice instead of the receipt [5.5.2]
  • Point of Sales / Till system – search item by Description/Family [5.5.1]
  • Credit memo without Invoice invalid for SAF-T – idem Receipt without Invoice [5.5.1]
  • Warn user before closing window during document edit [5.5.1]
  • List customers with VAT ID information. Exclude customers with empty VAT ID field. List alphabetically (By ID checked) and by VAT ID number (By ID unchecked) [5.3.2]
  • Nova versão [5.2.5]
  • Enable task management in suppliers and salespersons (Corporate) [5.2.4]
  • Kit/Package – show net prices in articles listing [5.2.4]
  • Adding kit/package to document looses prices when edited [5.2.4]
  • Não é permitida a edição de dados de documentos fechados ou anulados [5.2.4]
  • Option to disallow users from entering duplicate barcode items. Barcode fields repositioned for easier access. [5.2.4]
  • New Inventory by Date in Gestix Business 5.3 [5.2.4]
  • New possibility, create invoice from a void one [5.2.4]
  • New Gestix Bill a free invoicing application for up to 60 kEUR billing volume, on demand technical support by Help Desk service [5.2.3]
  • It was possible to edit stock transactions even when involving Batch Numbers, yielding wrong item stock – fixed [5.2.2]
  • Invalid Min.Qty warning in Invoice when Article’s minimum sale quantity not zero [5.2.2]
  • Set VAT Reasons using Gestix API: dci_reason_N now available [5.2.2]
  • The carrier defined in the order was not preserved when converting to Invoice [5.2.2]
  • Avoid accepting duplicate batch numbers in sales to prevent breaking the available stock [5.2.2]
  • New standard VAT Exemptions Table (for SAF-T enabled countries, shows exemptions reasons in invoice’s notes/comments and SAF-T file) [5.2.2]

Can my Portugal-based company issue a Simplified Invoice above €1000?

The simplified invoice (FS) does not allow by law total more than 100 euros (or 1000 for Retail).

If your CAE supports Retail (Confirm please with your accountant), you may use the FS for transactions up to 1000 euros VAT incl.

However, only the Simplified Invoice is subject to these limits. You can use the Invoice / Receipt type that is an equivalent cash-sales bill yet with no amount limit. Note that this series requires the specification of VAT ID number as per the Portuguese VAT directives.

For further information please contact the Gestix technical support service.

Gestix ERP / CRM Software Update 2017 Ordinance No. 302/2016 Tax Authority

Portuguese Tax Authority published Ordinance no. 302/2016, dated December 2. It changes the data structure of the file referred to in Administrative Rule 321-A / 2007, dated March 26, and creates the taxonomies to be used in filling the SAF-T file (PT) – see original document.

Publication: Diário da República no. 231/2016, Series I of 2016-12-02, pages 4273 – 4379

Associated Legislation: Administrative Rule 321-A / 2007 – 26/03.

The said decree shall enter into force on January 1, 2017 for the years 2017 and following, except for the data structure referred to in Article 3, which shall come into effect on July 1, 2017.

Fiscal Update 2017

Gestix is ​​available in Gestix Cloud editions (1) and Gestix Download editions, installed on the user’s own server (2).

1. Gestix Cloud

The update is automatic and transparent for the User, there is no need to take any action for now. New taxonomies are automatically assumed for documents issued as of July 1, 2017.

2. Gestix Download

Installation on the server itself is maintained at the user’s own risk. In this case you need to install an update of the Gestix software.
Ensure that you are up to date with the latest Gestix 5.2.03, to apply the new taxonomic rules: despite the submission of the SAF-T 1.04_01 file, for documents issued as of July 1, 2017, only be accepted by e- Invoice as of August 1, 2017.

To update your Gestix Download please:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new Gestix Download requires an Internet connection to extract the SAF-T

Invoice: display the amount in customer’s own currency

In this example, our billing is in EUR (Euros) but want to display the amount in GBP (Great Britain Pounds) in the invoice to certain customers.

First, add the GBP currency onto the database and specify the exchange rates (Currencies menu).

Currencies menu: Defining currencies and exchange rates

Currencies menu: Defining currencies and exchange rates

Then, in the Customers menu, edit those customers that want the amount in GBP shown on their invoices.


Customers | Modify Customer - defining customer's preferred currency

Customers | Modify Customer – defining customer’s preferred currency

Finally, check the Admin | Settings menu to ensure that the Display Counter Value in Base Currency option is enabled.

Admin / Settings

Admin / Settings

When Display Counter Value in Base Currency is enabled, if the customer’s preferred currency is GBP and the invoice is in EUR (the base currency), the amount in GBP will be printed in the invoice. If the invoice is in GBP, the amount in EUR will be printed instead.

Invoice in base currency (EUR), customer’s preferred currency is GBP

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.44.01 PM

Invoice in GBP, base currency EUR, don’t care customer’s preferred currency

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.43.43 PM

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